FAQ Wedding

How should I pack my flowers?
You can use kitchen roll and cling film to wrap your bouquet before placing it in a solid cardboard box to avoid any damages during delivery. Use a Next Day delivery service, e.g. « Royal Mail special delivery (guaranteed next day by 1pm) » available at any local post office. Please write your name somewhere in the box as I often have several bouquets arriving on the same day.
When is it best to book?
You can book anytime ahead of the wedding or a few days after. It is best to book from 6 months to 2 weeks before your wedding. This allows you to secure your wedding dates in case it’s a busy time for me. Although rare, occasionally items can go out of stock. It also provides you with more time to figure out how your flowers are going to make their way to me.
What if I can’t send my bouquet straight away?
If you can’t send your bouquet straight away, it is best to keep it in clean tap water until sending it.
What do you advise in terms of flowers? What flowers press best?
Generally speaking, bright and colourful flowers are always more likely to retain their hues after pressing. As for white flowers, please note that they may turn slightly brown, especially roses. This is normal due to preservation.
A few varieties that press particularly well: Lisianthus, Hydrangeas, Gypsophilas, Roses (petals or entire flower), Eucalyptus, Italian Ruscus, Peonies (petals), Delphiniums or Larkspurs, Clematis, Anemones, Tweedia, and a lot more.
Is there a gift voucher so I can present something to the couple?
Yes, I can send you a voucher that is easy for you to print and present to the couple alongside your own card and envelope.
When do we discuss design?
On the day I receive your flowers, I will send you an email or DM to acknowledge receipt. I am also going to ask you if you have anything in mind design-wise. But you can feel free to send me any ideas you have anytime along the process.